Thursday, April 25, 2013

First release is here - info and screenshots

Today it finally happens, we are able to make first release of our Android game Marble Lands! Get the free game from Google Play!

Link to the game:

The goal in the game is to guide the marble (ball) from the start square to the end square. You can move the marble by tilting your device to the direction where you want the marble to go. Along the path to the goal, you will find different collectable items like colorful gems and moving hearts. To achieve three stars in the level you are playing, you must collect all the available collectables.

Other things you may find from the levels are force fields, teleports and wooden boxes that you can break by colliding to them. In some levels the teleports and breaking boxes are arranged so that they give you easy and relaxing puzzles to solve.

The game is fun and easy, it is targeted to those who want to have a relaxing gaming session without a stress and hurry. There are no time limits and you will not lose a game character to an enemy or fall into the bottomless pit. You can play every level as long as you like, how many times you like. The Marble Lands game does not contain violence or foul language.

First release contains one world with 30 levels. You can choose if you want to listen music or hear sound effects or not.

The game is tested on several devices, so it is compatible with small screen to large screens with different pixel densities.

Here are few screenshots from actual game play from first release.

Main menu

Level selection

Goal already in sight, but so many treasures yet to be collected.

Game paused, you can enable or disable music or sound effects

Collecting jewels

Level cleared, now move to the next level

Link to the game:

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